Merry Christmas from
San Diego, California, U.S.A.


This San Diego Christmas album is a collection of some old favorites done in new ways, as well as some new Christmas songs created out of the hearts of our local family & community of creatives, which have fast become our new fave songs and know once you hear them, will quickly become yours too!

We hope you enjoy our interpretations & offerings of our celebrations of not just the season, but of our hearts & unending love for Christ the newborn and of our King of Kings!

The intention of this album is as an "every generation, every nation" fund raiser, to bless, sow into, and fund the current & future assignments into fulfillment as our God has put them before each of us as individuals & as regional community, not just here in San Diego but nationally & internationally as well. Everyone who you hear, believes in and has freely and graciously given of their time, gifts & talents to this vision & endeavor in response to the "call to participate" and with generosity & sincerity of heart offerings, to release the sound of their worship in harmony & unison chorus to... Release The Sounding Joy.

Please join & partner with us by way of either a pre-sale offering (for a CD/download) or if your hear it, an ongoing offering and agreement to release your aligned "sound" by way of supporting us as, a unified community, working in unison cooperation together as a committed, Love & Light filled Region For The Season of JESUS!

We together say to you...

Thank You, We Bless You, and Wish You A Merry Christmas!